Omaskas is a women’s ready-to-wear collection & lifestyle brand that reimagines classic resort-wear.
A brand that exemplifies the interplay between global soul and urban spirit, it brings a quintessential resort wear aesthetic to everyday luxe style, to transition effortlessly from extraordinary vacation settings to modern urban living.
Derived from folkloric tales, the name Omaskas represents “sunrise,” evoking the essence of empowerment and endless possibilities that form the foundation of the all-season brand and it’s signature sensuality. Omaskas harmonizes Spanish rhythms and Parisian grace, while at it’s core, channeling the intricate sustainable craftsmanship of South Asia.
Omaskas is a female-owned and led company with the mission of enabling a prosperous design community that shares and supports artistic vision, talent, and creativity. We take pride in creating a dignified empowered environment. Our pieces are produced in-house and prints are designed by hand, highlighting the voices of local artisans while preserving traditional techniques that are applied to modern materials and style.
Omaskas is led by its founder, designer & film maker Sheela Mehrotra, who brings an architectural, cinematic and free-spirited sensibility to her designs. A cancer survivor and avid world traveler, Sheela’s collections celebrate the “joie de vivre” that she values in her own life, and that is at the heart of the Omaskas brand. She launched the label in Europe, while splitting time between Spain and the South of France, and has since expanded to the Middle East, establishing a repertoire in brand consulting and capsule collection design.

“To me, the beauty of fashion is about it’s uniqueness –  to have your own language. It’s about connecting people to something very personal and meaningful about themselves thru emotions, dreams, and feelings – where imagination becomes much stronger than reality. As an artist, I manifest the innate romanticism and artisanal details that I admire most from my travels into my designs. As Omaskas evolves with each new season, the collective influence builds a foundation of these traditions and respect for the cultures experienced as well as from my being. They come from my intention to inspire with quality, purpose, care, and life-affirming, enduring beauty ensuring that each Omaskas piece truly has its own unique, crafted narrative and designed to be cherished.”